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The best holiday destination


I have been cracking my head the entire day trying to figure out the best city to spend my holiday, but guess what? I have just found one, Kuching, Singapore. Yes, you heard me right! It is an exceptional city build on Sarakwa River on Borneo Island. This town has incredible features such as the excellent hotels, historical sites, tourist destinations and so forth. I love calling it the jewel under the sun. A lot has said about Kuching city, but I have a personal touch with this town, especially the hospitality industry. Kuching hosts more than 200,000 thousand people from different nations. That could be the reason behind its speedy growth. It also has an exception weather conditions. You can visit Kuching any time of the year.

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Kuching has well-established infrastructure system that works perfectly. Located several miles from the Kuching city centre, Kuching International Airport has an incredible road network that leads to the CDB. What’s more, they have an organized Limousine Taxi service that offer transportation to visitors to what whatever destination they are heading. That said than done, all limousine chauffeurs are a well-trained driver. Visiting Kuching city is a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

Talk of tourist sites! Kuching has the best tourist destination that you can ever think about in the whole world. As a matter of fact, Kuching City hosts most of the ancient history site in Malaysia. As you walk in the town of Kuching, you will also notice a preserved heritage site that will drive your memory back to the 18th century. Kuching city is the original home to a vast number of Chinese, Indians as well as other Asians who live in the Southeast of the Asia continent.

People living in Kuching are very friendly, and more importantly, they are fond of visitors. Kuching people have exciting cultural beliefs as well as behavior. Kuching usually celebrates two major events early, which are Hari Raya Aidilfri for Muslim Good Friday for Christian. During these occasions, Kuching City is packed with people from different corners of Malaysia as well as the world. There are other celebrations done in Kuching, for instance, Gawai celebration. Gawai is usually done on 31st of May yearly. It’s a commemoration of a good harvest. Visiting Kuching can be a great eye-opener to what the world is offering to us.

With all the technology around, booking accommodation in Kuching is a walk in the park. A lot of hotel in Kuching have employed professional staffs who are also at your service when called. Additional, Hotels have incredible meals as well as an exceptional room. Every room entails with a reading table, office seat, wall-drops, shoes rags as well as a state of the art bathroom. Close to all Hotels in Kuching has the internet as well as WI-FI. All visitors can access their social network, chat, send pictures as well as access their email. It is cheaper to book for accommodation in Kuching contrary to other places. Lastly, hotels in Kuching offer a variety of means.

Endless Attractions in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is one of the few cities which have endless attractions for any visitor 
to explore in one day. It is often advised to book a hotel room for a night or two in 
order to enjoy the real Kota Kinabalu in terms of several attractions it offers. 
Though, starting from the various places of interest, one can tour Kota Kinabalu 
from the Signal Hill Observatory situated at around ten minutes walk uphill near the 
Atkinson Clock Tower to Tanjung Aru Beach situated ten minutes away from the 
city center. It is the most popular breach in the entire region of Kota Kinabalu as it 
the most popular spot for picnics, food stalls etc. 
People looking for peace & tranquility can roam around in the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park 
which is situated thirty minutes south of Kota Kinabalu. It has amazing creatures & 
wildlife. Many tourists at Kota Kinabalu prefer to hike at the beautiful Kakol Hills. 
They bring the required kit for hiking along with packaged food & water bottles to 
enjoy the thrilling adventure of exploring unknown destination. Some tourists could 
be often seen camping in the dense jungles for days & hiking to the top of the hill. 
The northern coast of Kota Kinabalu offers magnificent view of the geographical 
locations of the Dalit Beach & Karambunai Beach. Some tourists prefer to trek to 
the landscapes & enjoys the lagoon behind the beaches. The estuaries contain two 
rivers namely Mengkabong & Salut Rivers. Tourists with vivid interest in nature are 
often seen clicking photographs of themselves along with various places of interest 
in the natural world of Kota Kinabalu. There is also bus from KL to Singapore too.
Moreover, the Likas Bay Beach is quite popular with the locals. Though, the beach is 
quite small but tourists prefer to watch ships anchored at a distance from the 
Sepangar Bay. The Likas Bay Beach is preferred by families with kids as the water is 
quite warm for swimming & kids love to play with the sand by building sand castles 
with their buckets. The food stalls on the Likas Bay Beach sell some of the tasty 
cuisines of chicken, beef & eggs.  
Some tourists prefer to visit Sabah State Museum which displays exhibits in a three 
storey building with hundreds of arts, Science & technology masterpiece & antiques. 
People are more inclined towards knowing the history of Sabah along with the 
creation of its capital Kota Kinabalu. People with interest in Technology often visit 
the Science Museum located at the State Museum Complex. 
There are several places of religious worship in Kota Kinabalu. It has several 
temples, mosques & cathedrals such as The Sacred Heart Cathedral located along 
the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman attracts several western tourists from around the 
world. Moreover, there are several temples like The Che Sui Khor Chinese Temple, 
Sri Pashupatinath Alayam Hindu Temple, Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple etc. 
Other than that, Kota Kinabalu has separate arrangements for Scuba Diving & 
Snorkeling which makes it one of the perfect tourist destinations around the whole